DETROIT – Two people are in custody following a Detroit house fire near 7 Mile that killed three people.

Deputy Commissioner Dave Fornell confirmed a house fire investigation had turned into a murder investigation following reports of a possible case of arson in the 19000 Block of Helen Street.

DFD responded to reports of a house fire near 7 Mile and Van Dyke in the early hours of Thursday. After hours of investigating, they pulled three bodies assumed to be male from the wreckage.

A neighbor agreed with police, suspecting the fire was on purpose.

Three men have died following a house fire in Detroit. Police believe it started around midnight Thursday. At least one neighbor who believes his good friend died in the fire suspects arson played a role in the fire.

“He was sitting here earlier today eating lunch. We were having cheese sandwiches,” said a neighbor. “I come home, I get up and was like ‘damn what was that big bang’ I get up and look outside and the house is on fire.”

Extensive fire damage could be seen from the other side of the street. The exterior wall surrounding the window openings were charred. The side of the house appears to have suffered heavy damage relative to the rest of the home.