HONOLULU (KHON2) — Michael Miske, the businessman who federal prosecutors say is the leader of an organized crime ring, also has ties to the biggest corruption case in Hawaii history. Miske is charged with murder, kidnapping, and more than a dozen other crimes.

Attorney Megan Kau says after her client, an HPD officer arrested Miske in 2015 for disobeying a police officer, days later two people from the Honolulu Prosecutor’s office told the officer and his sergeant to stand down. One of them was Katherine Kealoha.

Kau says the second person to call was a retired HPD officer, who was hired as a special assistant to the prosecuting attorney.

“Gave the order and Katherine Kealoha followed the order out and abused her power and her authority as the Career Criminal deputy chief to instruct a police officer to leave a defendant alone,” said Kau.

She says the arresting officer then reported it to his sergeant, Albert Lee, who then reported it to federal investigators. Lee made headlines when he was accused of DUI and fleeing the scene of a crash near Kaiser High School in November 2016. Kau says Lee testified later that day to the grand jury investigating Katherine Kealoha. And that Kealoha then tried to retaliate against Lee.

“Albert Lee is sanctioned for arresting Michael Miske and is suspended for a number of days,” said Kau.

She says Lee was sanctioned for working outside of his normal business hours. She adds that she doesn’t know why Kealoha would help Miske, but the retaliation continued when Kealoha, who was then the head of the Career Criminal Division, tried to prosecute Lee for the DUI case.

“It was suspicious because the Career Criminal Division never handles a DUI case. That is for the district court division to handle,” said Kau.

Federal investigators say Miske is a man who operates as if he’s above the law. Kau provided the recording of the phone call to the officer who tried to arrest him.

Miske: “Don’t be going over there throwing you guys weight around. I can press charges just as much as you can, bruddah.”
HPD Officer: “You can press charges all you want.”
Miske: “Listen, I gon’ go to the top of the food chain, trust me.”

The attorney for Miske says he is a legitimate businessman and he plans to prove that the charges against him are false during the trial