Hartselle police today announced four people have been arrested in connection with a July killing, with one of them charged with soliciting the murder.

Anthony Larry Sheppard, 41, was found dead in his home on Dawson Street on Friday, July 24, after police were called to the residence to perform a welfare check around 8 p.m. The call came after friends had not seen Sheppard for some time, police said. He was shot multiple times, police said.

It was the city’s first murder since 2006.

Charged in the crime are:

Logan McKinley Delp, 35, charged with capital murder.
Jaclyn Elaine Skåuce
Jaclyn Elaine Skuce, 38, charged with criminal solicitation to commit murder, a capital murder charge. 
Aaron Carter Howard, 39, charged with capital murder. 
Lajuhn Keith Smart was charged with capital murder. He is currently being held at the Madison County Jail on unrelated charges.

Hartselle Police Chief Justin Barley said that additional arrests are expected. He said investigators believe Scoos is the only person involved who knew Sheppard personally. Barley would not comment on any motive or give additional information as to what led police to the arrests. 

“These arrests are a major milestone, but the investigation will continue,” Barley said. 

Members of the Hartselle businessman’s family were there at a press conference called by police to announce the arrests. At the news conference, Barley read a message from the victim’s family, remembering Sheppard as a man who loved music and his family. 

“Larry was a son, brother, father, and friend,” the statement read. “He was a lifelong resident of Hartselle, born and raised in this community that he loved. Larry was a successful business owner who was not afraid of a hard day’s work. He loved entertaining by playing his guitar and singing, or by making them laugh by his over-the-top fun-loving personality. He was the kind of person who believed in hard work and to achieve your goals but was also willing to help a family member or friend who was in need. Larry loved two things most in life – those things were the Lord and his daughter. There was no mistake that when you were walking into his home, you were walking into the home of a loving father and God-fearing man who wanted nothing more than to spend every moment he could with his daughter. Larry had one particular saying that he personally wrote in the home, and that was, ’Go be something today.’ That is the challenge and legacy his family wants to leave to this community, Go be something today: Live your life every day for something, live it with purpose, live it for the ones you love, and live it for the Lord. Make every day count for something.”

Hartselle police said they received a call on July 24 to conduct a welfare check on Dawson Street for Sheppard after he had not been seen or heard from. Police said they found Sheppard, 41, at his home dead with a gunshot wound.

This is Hartselle’s first homicide since 2006.