Investigators sought (from left to right) William Armendariz, 23, Christopher Armendariz, 21, Melissa Armendariz, 45 and Erica Lomas, 23, in connection with a shooting at the San Gorgonio Memorial Park in Banning on Sunday, Aug. 30 that left two people dead. Police identified William Armendariz as a primary suspect, and the other three as possible accessories to murder. All four should be considered armed and dangerous. (Photos courtesy of the Banning Police Department)

Police have confirmed that a shooting at a cemetery in Banning left two people dead on Sunday, Aug., 30, and released the identity of a fourth person sought in connection with the homicides.

Investigators say they believe William Aremndariz, 23, opened fire at San Gorgonio Memorial Park, at 2201 San Gorgonio Ave., Banning Cpl. Robert Jauregui said.

Officials had not released the victims’ identities.

Witnesses reported several people leaving the cemetery in a white vehicle.

Authorities said they have been looking for Christopher Armendariz, 21, and Erica Lomas, 23, as possible accessories to murder, in connection with the suspected gunman.

Melissa Armendariz, 45, also was named  as a possible fourth accomplice.

Details regarding what led up to or motivated the killings were not released.

The suspects should be considered armed and dangerous and not confronted if spotted, police said. Authorities asked anyone with information regarding their whereabouts or the shooting to call Banning police detectives at 951-922-3170.