The following contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.

Police have released the redacted reports of the Patricia Alatorre case. Including their interview with accused murder Armando Cruz.

In the documents, Cruz told investigators in graphic detail what happened to Alatorre and how he tried to dispose of the body. 

According to the documents, she was first reported missing the morning of July 2nd after her mom could not find her in her room in Bakersfield, Calif. The mother told police she found clothing and pillows under the bedsheet to make it appear as if she was sleeping. 

A ring camera located on one of the neighbor’s houses showed Alatorre leaving her residence close to midnight. The camera footage also showed a white Ford pickup truck. 

Authorities were able to use the social media conversations between Cruz and Alatorre to identify an IP address associated with Cruz’s T-Mobile cell phone. Authorities were then able to track the white pick-up truck belonging to Cruz in Inglewood, Calif. and later detain him for questioning.

During his questioning with police, Cruz admitted to using social media to convinced the girl to meet up with him twice to engage in sexual acts knowing she was only 13. In the messages, he offered her money and threatened to leak private photos of her.

During the second encounter, as he drove away with her in the vehicle, she screamed indicating she did not want to go with him. According to the documents, Cruz then forced himself on her as she told him to stop and tried to get away. Cruz held his hand over her mouth and strangled her as he sexually assaulted her for several minutes resulting in her death.

The documents say that Cruz believed the girl still may have been alive so he bound her arms and feet with duct tape that he brought with him. He also taped over her mouth and nose after he stuffed a pair of underwear in her mouth with the intention of killing her.

He then went on to place her body on a red sleeping bag and head back to his residence in Inglewood, Calif. Police say Cruz stopped on Hwy 99 in the center divider to get rid of Alatorre’s cell phone by throwing it in the bushes. 

Cruz arrived at his residence where he slept in his truck. The documents say, Cruz admitted to engaging in sexual acts with the body multiple times knowing she was deceased. 

Later Cruz drove around for a short time and stopped at a Liquor store to buy lighter fluid. According to the documents, he drove to the area of Aviation Blvd and W. 118th street in Inglewood. He wrapped the body in the sleeping bag and dropped the body off in a parking lot behind a construction vehicle. He proceeds to light the body on fire and drop the bottle of lighter fluid on the body before fleeing the scene.

Cruz was brought back to Bakersfield by authorities to face charges.