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Pregnant Lee County woman recovering from gunshot wound to the head

Skyler Reese

LEE CO., Ky. (WKYT) – A pregnant woman is now recovering in the hospital after being found with a gunshot wound to her head.

Her sister describing the last two days as a complete nightmare.

“What really surprised me is she actually gave me the peace sign,” said Meagan Delver.

A seemingly simple gesture, now deemed nothing short of a miracle by Delver. Seven months pregnant, Delver’s sister, 20-year-old Skyler Reese, is now recovering from the gunshot wound.

Skyler Reese

“She can hear, she can move her toes, both legs. The only thing she hasn’t been able to do is talk and she doesn’t have any movement in her right leg, right now,” Delver said.

Investigators in Lee County said Reese was found at a home on May Subdivision Road around 2 p.m. on Friday. Reese now amazing her family with how well she’s doing

Skyler Reese & Logan Biggs

“They were talking about, if she continues to do this well, they may be able to move her out of ICU in the next few days, which is insane because she’s only been there less than 48 hours,” said Delver

Investigators said 20-year-old Logan Biggs was at the home at the time of the shooting, but left before they got there. Now he’s being held at the Madison County Detention Center and he’s charged with 1st degree assault.

“It’s been nothing short of a nightmare and that’s even putting it lightly. I mean just hearing my mom’s voice yesterday when she called me, I just, it’s not anything I would ever wish for anybody to hear, or that I’d ever want to hear again,” Delver said describing the incident.

Skyler Reese & Logan Biggs

Delver said Reese is always the first one to help a neighbor in need. Now they’re asking for the community’s help and prayers to get Reese through recovery. Friends and loved ones have started a GoFundMe to help Reese with her hospital bills.

You can also find more information on fundraisers for Reese here.

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