Authorities say two teenagers are charged with murdering a 15-year-old in Phelps County after the three boys ran away from a behavioral health facility.

Enoch Phillips, 18, and Cody Armistead, 17, were charged Monday with first-degree murder for allegedly strangling the younger victim.

Court documents say Phillips, Armistead and a 15-year-old boy identified as C.H. ran away from the Great Circle facility in St. James on Wednesday.

Cody Armistead

But Phillips and Armistead were the only ones to return to the facility the next day.

Court documents say Armistead then confided in another Great Circle resident that they had killed C.H., and that resident came forward to report them.

Enoch Phillips

Armistead was the first suspect to talk with police, according to court documents. He allegedly told them Phillips had strangled C.H., and he took Phelps County Sheriff’s Office investigators to an open field off Meramec Street in St. James where C.H.’s body was found.

Phillips allegedly told police that he and Armistead both assaulted and strangled C.H., and that it was Armistead’s idea.

Both suspects are in jail and face possible life sentences if convicted.

Great Circle also has a location in Springfield.