MARKHAM, Ill. (AP) — A Kentucky man has been arrested in suburban Chicago after parts of his girlfriend’s body were found in duffel bags he had toted aboard a Greyhound bus, authorities said.

Melvin Martin Jr., 30, has been charged with fleeing prosecution, Markham city spokesman Michael Taylor said Wednesday.

Martin was arrested Monday at the Markham Public Library after curious family members looked into the bags that Martin seemed preoccupied with since arriving aboard the Greyhound bus from Louisville, Kentucky, on Friday, Taylor said.

A severed head and other body parts were found in the bags, and police in Kentucky found the woman’s torso, he said. A deputy coroner in Louisville identified her as Ladawndra Ellington, 31.

Martin had moved the two bags to the home’s garage, and the family made the discovery after Martin had left for the library, Taylor said.

The woman was Martin’s girlfriend, and it appeared her death was the result of a domestic dispute that occurred about a month ago, Markham police Chief Terry White said at a news conference.

“He indicated that, as grotesque as it might sound, that he still wanted to be with at least part of her,” White said.

It was unclear whether Martin has an attorney who might comment on his behalf.